Tech: +1 (Exploiting the system)
Env: -1 (Survivable world)
Res: -3 (Multiple dependencies)

survivors of the apocalypse
intrepid pioneers
aggressive elitists



Decline in resources. An ancient race (Atterii) raped the planet’s resources and then moved on throughout the whole cluster.


Vying for connections to improve access to tech. Lots of subterfuge and industrial theft whitewashed by diplomatic meetings and parties.


Environment under threat. Radiation storms are getting worse. Abandon planet! Move to Orsen.


Verahk is rocky, depleted world, and amidst this rocky landscape lie signs of a once great civilisation. There are ruined cities with crumbling skyscrapers, buried technological wonders that no longer have a power source, and ancient monuments that reach into the sky. The Verath, as the populace name themselves, have for centuries turned their civilisation on a quest for old glories. The typical Verath is resentful of their decline, but are also brave, hardy and intrepidly exploring their own world or another, looking high and low for resources and any clue to unlock their old technology. Accordingly, much of their efforts have been in trading with Falcor (they do a lot of the “dirty work” when it comes to Falcors slave trade on Trio), and appeasing The Oligarchy. Their real goal, however, is the infiltration and exploitation of the worlds Gammina II and Orsen. Within the Verath government certain forces are starting to make the case for war with Falcor, but the Oligarchy must first be placated if such a move were to be made.

Verahk suffers frequent radiation storms that can shut down major cities for weeks at a time.





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