The 13 of the oligarchy guard their t4 technology closely, adapting it for their elite armada and powerful weapons, and perhaps other unimaginable devices.

Most of the populace of the Cradle live with very advanced commercial t3 technology, including spacecraft and local police forces. The use of t4 technology by anyone other than a direct representative of The Oligarchy is illegal.

The use of military grade t3 tech is regulated heavily by the Oligarchy so that only the most loyal agents gain access to it, and even then the oligarchy lease this technology and use their own crews and commanders.

T2 military grade technology is for sale, and is a great source of the cradles wealth, considering t2 is definitively higher than any other culture in the harmonium can produce, besides the outer sphere system Ix. It is common to find t2 tech in the hands of governments and massive corporations, alongside their own t1 tech. This is especially prevalent in Falcor, having much greater resources than the Verath.


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