The Harmonium is quite poor in resources making competition for minerals and energy sources extremely fierce. This is the major reason the oligarchy exerts such strict control over technology – to make sure that competitors demands are both; never needing more resources than the oligarchy can spare, and that systems cannot advance their own technology that would drive up demand for resources. Any changes to this delicate balance could disrupt the stability of the entire Harmonium.

Thus the oligarchy attempts to control the flow of all resources throughout the Harmonium. Mostly they do, but of course piracy and rebel outfits exist for a myriad of reasons: desire for self determination, advancement of their tech for military or civilian purposes, and the capacity to fight back against the oligarchy and control their own trade, being just seem examples.

Historically, The Oligarchy have mined out the other systems, funneling resources back to their home system. In turn, driving their own economy and maintaining their technological superiority. Even before this, the now extinct race the Oligarchy descended from had advanced themselves by depleting their own world first and then sucking dry the other systems.

The Harmonium now resides without many resources left at all, and each system looks to new discoveries that might fuel them through a dark and turbulent future ahead.

In trade Falcor is a prominent nexus point, being at the crossroads of several slipstreams. Accordingly, this is where The Oligarchy have their largest trade and military bases. Sarafis Station, and its smaller sister station Anilios, sit tethered in the orbits of the northern and southern Falcor Slipknots. Sarafis, the seat of trade within the cluster exchanges credits for anything imaginable, and Anilios is the transport hub for the rest of the cluster. Through these two points The Cradle demonstrates their monetary and technological superiority to the rest of the cluster.


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