Falcor Run

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The Falcor run involves avoid Oligarchy patrol ships and interceptors during a EM whiteout. It requires the visual identification of the occult slipknot singularity to Orsen, due to sensors being offline at the time.

  • Navigation roll to exit Slipknot is not against time (there is no need to reorient, as the ship is already within te slipknots vicinity). Instead a navigation roll is used to attempt to exit the Slipknot at its outer limit – as far from Anilios Station as possible. Success with this maneuver adds the aspect a big head start to the ship. A Decent (+2) result is required to apply this aspect.
  • A Pilot roll limited by Alertness vs Anilios’ Alertness (3) to avoid Anilios’ patrol ships.
  • If visual contact is made then Navigation rolls are made for positioning on the space combat sheet.
  • Anilios also deploys a high volume of small interceptor craft. These craft have relatively low mass fighters with minimal armour and high v-shift ratings. They have to be piloted by humans so that they are effective during the whiteout. If they come across anyone trying to attempt the run they set off a flare and engage the enemy with ion cannons in an attempt to slow them before help arrives.
  • When engaged with an Icarus Interceptor, roll 4dF+Pilot limited by Alertness in the Detection phase of each round after the first. A negative result indicates that backup has arrived, a zero indicates that it is still enroute, and a positive result indicates that the ship has been piloted out of range of backup. In this case the Icarus Iterceptors may break off.
  • Once a vessel passes off the combat sheet they are free to navigate to the destination Slipknot.
  • If a vessel is taken out in space combat, the Anilios patrol will attempt to commandeer the vessel. The crew may choose to hide or fight back, but will otherwise be arrested and imprisoned on Anilios. This could lead to:

* Break out!
* Doing time on Phobos
* Paying fines
* Impounded

* The EM Pulse.
* Trading with Falcor underworld in the outer system.
* May well encounter an Ephemera or two depending on navigation rolls.

Anilios Station

Falcor Run

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