Tech: +1 (Exploiting the system)
Env: -2 (Hostile environment – gravity but dangerous atmosphere. Damaged ionosphere.)
Res: 0 (Sustainable)

underlying warlike aspect
Collapsing red dwarf sun



Environment is lowering. Most of the population off planet and moving further out into the system due to Sun becoming a red giant.


Resources at risk. Home system being eaten up by red giant. Societal breakdown if something doesnt stop warmongers getting more power.


Acting as the Cradles enforcers in exchange for tech.


- EMP from the sun – all sensors jammed for this time. “The Falcor Run”

The Falcor run involves avoid Oligarchy patrol ships and interceptors during a EM whiteout. It requires the visual identification of the occult slipknot singularity to Orsen, due to sensors being offline at the time.


The Falcor-Orsen-Cosmos slipknot is at the southern pole, while the Falcor-Cradle-Trio slipknot is located at the northern pole of the system. The Falcor-Trio slipstream is cyclical and is traversable only for a few hours to days after the EM burst period familiar to Falcor system.

This means the Falcor Run is Cosmos-Falcor-Orsen, as trying to reach the northern slipknot may take days if not weeks through heavily patrolled territory.

The singularity pattern for navigating to the Orsen system is occult. It moves, seeming to randomly disappear and reappear and it is only open during the Em bursts that Falcor’s red giant sun emits.

Navigators must visually locate the Singularity during an EM burst and fly towards it.

See the Falcor Run for more details.

The Northern Slipknot is supported by the Trade hub, Sarafis Station, while the southern slipknot is guarded by the Cradle military base Anilios Station.




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