Tech: +4 (Verge of collapse)
Env: +1 (One garden world and several hostile environments)
Res: +2 (One significant export)

The Oligarchy
Police state
Rebel Scum



Tech stable


Resources threatened.
Resource hungry. Supplies are running low (overpopulation). To become “The One”


Environment recently reduced.
Overpopulation. Environment suffering. Needs to move operations / population elsewhere.


A civilization so reliant on and consumed by nanotechnology that they have lost what the rest of humanity still values as free will. Though they are not by any means automatons, citizens of the cradle are compelled very powerfully by social pressure, technological need, and religious dogma to commit to a process called Ascension, which ties their consciousness into a greater whole. Ascension is the process of rigorous mental conditioning that results in a toposophic singularity – the combining of a computer mind with a human mind. Higher levels of toposophic singularity allows for more advanced interaction with higher and higher levels of technology. Most humans living within the Cradle will be lucky to ever attain S2, and all that commit to Ascension forever will have their god’s thoughts whispering to them.

Most people from The Cradle refer to themselves by the house from which the are descended from – Jovians, Athenians, Areans, Mercurians, Poisedians, Artemites, Apollites and so forth.

Collectively those from The Cradle call themselves The Progeny. The Progeny traditionally worship the Grand Archaitheology – the worship of the Thirteen Archailect intelligences that were the progenitors of each house.

Outsiders may refer to the Progeny by the reverential and mystical “Starborn”. This is occasionally changed to the much less endearing Starspawn, which is frequently shortened to Spawn, a tag of vilification.

Each house’s line has been carefully genetically engineered and nanotechnology enhanced over thousands of years. Those of noble lineage trace their origins back to the Thirteen themselves, and many of these families fulfill specialist roles within the Oligarchy’s governmental and military structure.

Certain families for instance might fulfil their role as high priests, military commanders, pilots or perhaps navigators. Each family has genetic traits assisted by nano modifications and enhancements that allow them to specialise and excel in their role.

The resulting combination of thousands of years of eugenic manipulation and the integration of extreme nano tech, gifts the elite of The Cradle with near superhuman capabilities.


The Cradle has a dominating route to Falcor which is easier to travel than usual slipknots (+2 navigation). However, going in the opposite direction (Falcor to The Cradle) is difficult, as the mass singularity effect seems much more chaotic at Falcor’s end (-2 navigation)




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