Tech: -1 (Atomic power)
Env:-3 (Barren world, no atmosphere – planetoid recently destroyed)
Res: 0 (Sustainable)

Planetoid miners
Amish in space
Rebel hotspot



Tech changed to lower.
Fifty years ago Cosmos lost a shining beacon of hope – the single largest planetoid in the system called P1-U70. It was small but capable to retaining a thin atmosphere and the Belters whad settled there making P1 the center of their technology and culture. It was destroyed by massive explosion. No one knows who did it…but many conspire to guess.


Resources under threat.
The Oligarchy have constructed a massive mining platform in the most valuable sector of the Field. Most Belters would fight back, and some do – anyway they can. This resources drain is one that the Belters cannot afford.


The need to maintain and improve their environment.


Binary star system. The Cosmos Field or “cosmos” as it is better known, is a vast asteroid field dotted with mining outposts and scavenger stations. The locals live mostly at low-g within the crudest of space habitats. Decompressions are commonplace and all Belters make sure they have a space suit close at hand. The most advanced “towns” are built into hollowed out giant asteroids. Moisture and gases are mined off these large asteroids and processed into breathable air by the Convertors. The Converters have been here for thousands of years and no one knows how they work or who built them. What little is known about how to repair these ancient machines is closely guarded by The Engineers – a mysterious pseudo mystical order said to commune with the stars. Travel between outposts and on mining missions is conducted using primitive jet powered modules. These exceedingly dangerous craft are constructed by the best Engineers and piloted by the bravest and most foolhardy cosmonauts. The largest and most wealthy areas of The Cosmos Field are mined exclusively by the Oligarchy – a source of great resentment for the hardy Belters.


The Cosmos fields has a binary star system so the slipknots are located over the barycenter of the system between the two stars. The northerly slipknot is a one way slipknot to The Cradle system and the southerly slipknot connects both ways with Falcor systems southerly knot.




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